UV Light Disinfection Lamp-OSRAM Puritec HNS

Physical sterilization method As reported from survey, there are 68% of diseases caused by air pollution. US experts discover that indoor air consists of more than 500 kinds of volatile organic matter, 20 kinds are linked with cancer, over 200 kinds are virus of diseases. The pollutants from indoor are much more severe than which from outdoor. The pollutants are mainly classified by three types-Biotic Pollutants, Chemical Pollutants, Odor Pollutants. Ultraviolet Ray is the most effective method...

Disinfection Lamp,G13, 15W/30W

Disinfection Lamp, Air Purification1, Low mercury content2, Effective and environmental-friendly , disinfection without chemical 3, Ozone-free4, Worldwide honored brand-Osram G13 Tube.

2020’s resume and order preferential policy

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